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What are the best sites to find good vintage porn videos?

Some call vintage porn the golden age of the adult industry. For many, they see old smut in the same way they view classic cars or antiques. These are things which are much better than the newer versions available today. It is true that there has been many new advancements in tech which have made porn viewing better than ever. Innovative breakthroughs such as VR porn come to mind. Yet for classic porn lovers, this all means nothing. It is retro porno which makes them horny or which they like the most. In order to please people who feel this way, there are tons of adult sites which provide exactly that type of pornography. They are the best in giving visitors top-notch vintage smut.

The Classic Porn

Like looking at gals with hairy bushes and without airbrush effects? This site has a huge lineup of vintage sexually graphic movies. The tabs are broken down by categories, DVD/Films and pornstars. Under each movie several ruttish images of the movies are available. Clicking on them will bring up the movie and you can begin a trip to the past.

Tube Porn Classic

Those who want oldies but goodies will like this site. It has nothing but awesome classic smut. It could be Italian porn, British or any from several other countries. Any of it is easily available at the click of your fingertips. Visitors will appreciate how much free old porno is available for them.

Vintage Cuties

No other site is better suited to take you back in time like this one. They have some of the oldest pornography content in the world. Sexually explicit photos date back as far as the 1800s. Classic old porn videos depict women in afros, hairy vaginas and other retro looks. Only negative side is that they charge to see most of their content.


Granted this site is home to most of the latest pornographic material today. But much to the surprise of many, xnxx has a large selection of vintage smut as well. A few of the films are in black and white and in foreign languages. Others are pure American films classics with pornstars from the past.


No problem finding old porn from the 70s and 80s featuring pornstars from that era. These are natural women full of hair in their private parts. Few films have rare footage showcasing vintage Italian, American and vixens from other parts of the world. Our staff found some of the old movies in HD quality which is awesome.