Reasons to Visit Casa Mila Barcelona

Built by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, Casa Mila is known as the La Pedrera or The Stone quarry. As the historical demonstration of arts since 1906, Casa Mila has the reputation as the World Heritage Site approved by UNSECO in 1984.

As a cultural exhibition and educative sculptures, Casa Mila includes a spectacular view, self-sustaining stone facade, and unique designed floors.

What’s in Casa Mila Barcelona?

Involved in the history book of Barcelona, Casa Mila’s first building owners were Roser Segimon and Pere Mila. With the innovative design by Antoni Gaudi. Designer Gaudi drafted the Casa as a spiritual symbol with religious elements.

Located in the Catalonia, Spain, Casa Mila covers 1,323 m2/floor on a 1,620 m2/plot. It also got represented with the named La Pedrera, given by the citizen of Barcelona for its unique structure and the bond between the building’s architects.

Why is Casa Mila Barcelona so Famous?

Giving the history of Barcelona, Casa Batllo is famous for its formation of building and artistry monuments. The World Heritage site in Barcelona has various memorial arts: Catenary Arches, Casa Mila atrium, Ventilation Tower, and Chimneys (Espanta Bruixes).

Is it Worth visitinng Casa Batllo Barcelona?

As the most famous landmark of the area in Barcelona, Casa Mila has the visitors of over 700,000 every year. With the impression as the most cultural and artistic monument, Casa Batllo is a beautiful place to visit.

What is the Best way to Visit Casa Mila Barcelona?

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